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    Club Reno is one the most basic online slot machines we have a Casino Winner, but that’s not to say that it’s not fun! Because it is! If it ain’t broke then don’t fix it as they say and that is exactly what Leander have done with this online slot. Club Reno is a classic in many ways with 3 reels and only one pay-line. There is even an extra ‘top’ game that can be played. It does set itself apart from other classic slot machines with its randomly triggered minor and major jackpots with the latter being an awesome €20,000!
    When you open up this slot, you might need to rub your eyes and check your surroundings; the slot machine is in the middle of what looks like a fairly regal hotel lobby. That’s where the regal-ness ends though. The graphics in Club Reno won’t win any awards, but we like them! 3 simple and bright reels are presented on a machine with lemons, oranges and bells to name but a few of the symbols. The reels make a satisfying clanking noise as they turn and a siren goes off when you land a win (not as annoying as it sounds!). The pay table is always visible at the top of the screen so you’ll always know what to win.
    There are a couple of bouns features. Firstly, with every win you’ll get the chance to gamble your win with a game of heads and tails, simply choose your side and watch the coin flip; win and double your winnings, lose and well, you lose. As well as doubling your winnings, you can then choose to gamble again or take your winnings to the ‘clubometre’ top game. Here you only spend the winning before being dropped down to the regular game. In the top game you have the chance to win more and your stakes will be higher, you can choose to bank you winnings at any time and come back to normal play. The jackpots are randomly triggered.
    If you fancy all the fun without the fun then play Club Reno at Casino Winner today!
  • This game is licensed by the Alderney Gambling Control Comission (AGCC).
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