• You are playing Lucky 3 for fun

    From iSoftBet Simply Play comes this elegant casino slot machine game that features a very simple lineup of symbols including watermelon slices, lemons, and cherries. Your winnings are determined by the line in which the symbols line up. For example, if the symbols appear on the top line, they are worth 1x the bet. If they appear on the second line from the top, they are worth 2x the bet; the third line is worth 3x the bet. The fourth line from the top is worth 4x the bet, and the bottom line is worth 5x the bet. When you get 5 lemons on the bottom row, you activate the jackpot of 20x the bet up to 500 coins. When you hit the jackpot, the game board lights up with game show style lights, and you can watch your winnings add up! Winning lines will be displayed for your to see and you can check the value of wins on the left side of the game board where possible payouts are featured. Payouts go from left to right, and a winning line needs to have at least 3 matching symbols that start in the first column in order to qualify as a winning line. You can activate the autospin function in this casino game by clicking the button in the bottom right of the game board. This allows you to spin up to 100 times without interruption. You can also set your loss limits and how much you want to bet for each spin. You can increase the coin value you want to bet by clicking on the yellow arrow near the pay table symbol in the middle of the game board. This is a pretty easy game to play, and the simplicity of it makes for fast spins and easy wins!
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