• You are playing Bugs Party for fun

    Play n’ Go brings you Bugs Party, a bingo-style game that offers plenty of chances to win with 4 game cards and multiple lines on each game card that can pay big! To start this game, you’ll need to decide how many game cards you wish to play for each round. Remember, the more game cards that are active, the more chances you have to win. Also keep in mind that the more game cards you play, each bet will be multiplied by that number of cards. Adjust the number of cards you want to play by clicking the on/off button in the top corner of the cards or by using the cards section at the bottom of the screen. Next, decide on your bet by clicking the coin value button in the bottom left section of the screen. Each bet is multiplied by 5 coins and the number of cards you are playing. The minimum bet is .20 credits for 4 cards, and the maximum bet is 5 credits for 3 cards. When you are satisfied with the number of cards and coin value, click the play button to the right of the screen. As the numbered balls start to fall from the container at the top of the screen, red X’s will appear on the cards marking off numbers. If you match a line, according to each card, you will win a corresponding prize. Each card has a different number of paylines in a different order. If you are close to creating a winning payline, you may be offered a chance to buy an extra ball. If this happens, you’ll be presented with the cost of the extra ball to help make a payline. There is no guarantee that the extra ball will create a winning line right away, so you might have to buy several to win in the end. However, this game is full of fun, and fast moving action so give it a try if you are looking for a different kind of online game that offers you multiple chances to win.
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