• You are playing Zodiac Fortune for fun

    Zodiac Fortune is presented by Pariplay, and you can have a chance to win up to 100,000 credits. The theme of the game is written in the stars and filled with good fortune from the Zodiac calendar. The game is accompanied by a rock soundtrack that makes the whole thing feel majestic. All you have to do to win is match 3 symbols in a given round of game play. This is a scratch card game that requires you to buy a ticket to play. The cost of a ticket ranges from .10 credits to 10 credits. The more you bet, the more you can win of course! The autoplay feature lets you play up to 25 rounds in a row without interruption. Because this is a scratch card game, it’s a nice feature to be able to play a bunch of games in a row, so you don’t have to fuss with bonus games. Plus, you can set loss limits to stay within your budget. To play, set your bet and purchase a ticket. Then you have your choice of two ways to play: you can manually scratch the card to reveal the symbols below the Zodiac signs. Click on each symbol in the circle to reveal the symbol below. Then click the silver circle in the middle of the Zodiac calendar to see what your potential prize is. You can also use the reveal all button that appears after you press the “buy ticket” button. Pressing the “buy ticket” button reveals the symbols faster and gets you to the winning faster! If you win during a given round, the scratch card lights up, and your earnings are displayed in the center of the screen. This game is simple and fast and provides plenty of excitement as you wait to see what prizes are revealed during your games.
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