• You are playing Casino Hold'em for fun

    Casino Hold ‘em poker is something of a casual version of Texas hold ‘em, with a little bit of video poker thrown in too, just for good measure. In saying that, expect fast and wild gameplay as your hand could win in a flash; which is another great reason to play casino games online. You can play Netents poker masterpiece at Casino Winner for real money, or if you want to try your hand (pardon the pun) first, then you can give it a shot for free too!
    Netent present another classic, and it’s a real joy to play. If you’re a fan of playing poker, but sometimes want it faster, then this could be perfect for you. When you arrive at your table, you’ll notice a rich, mahogany looking table, and place set out just for you. If you want to know the pay-outs of a certain hand to help you make your decision when choosing to call or fold, then they are conveniently placed in the top left of the screen in a tidy little list. It’s also nice to see that a Royal Flush will pay out a massive 100: 1 if you land it!
    The gameplay itself is elegant and to the point. Choose your chip level from the bottom right of the screen, the minimum bet is €1 and the maximum €100, so there’s a good choice. Once selected, place it on the ‘ANTE’ circle – this is the basic level of play, and must be played if you want to win anything! The optional bet on the table is the AA bonus; this sounds fancy nut it just means that if with your dealt cards and the first three community cards contain a pair of aces, or any higher hand you’ll get paid extra – it only applies on the first three cards though, if it doesn’t come in then the stake is lost.
    Play Casino Hold ‘em poker at Casino Winner for some fast and fun casino/poker hybrid fun!
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