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    Card games have always been very popular. Classic card games are also timeless. Nowadays they have a place in the modern online casino.

    One of the most played card games we know is Patience. This game lets you play against opponents and also against the computer. It is also called Solitaire. You can play Casino Patience for free in the online casino, or for money.

    Playing Patience is easy. Anyone can learn how to play it.

    In Patience 52 playing cards are divided into seven rows and a stock pile. The deck starts with one card. Each subsequent row always has a closed additional card in the row. The top cards are face up cards.

    The objective of Casino Patience is to get all the cards on the trays as soon as possible. The cards are in ascending order and according to family, so Clubs, Spades, Hearts and Diamonds sorted. When all the cards are sorted, then you have won the game.

    You can play Casino Patience online at Casino Winner; everyone's favorite online casino. You play at Casino Winner in a safe and professional gaming environment, wherever and whenever you want. Even on your mobile device.
  • This game is licensed by the Alderney Gambling Control Comission (AGCC).
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