• You are playing European Roulette for fun

    Roulette is the world’s most popular casino game, and when this casino game was brought to life for online casinos, it was a huge hit. It’s no surprise then that many providers have created their own versions, and at Casino Winner you can play Roulette in many different forms. Depending on where you are from, European Roulette is considered the most common worldwide and is the easiest to get play. In this roulette version by the awesome Play N Go, you’ll get the classic feel, and the classic wins to go along with it!
    This is visually pleasing casino game with a clear set up. The table is bright, with the betting areas clearly marked – it looks exactly like a table you would find in a land based casino. The bets are the same as you would expect as well. You can place outside and inside bets, and you should note that there are bet limits for different types of bets; for example all outside bets (ie red or black), are all with a €100 bet maximum which cannot be exceeded.
    To place a bet on European Roulette simply grab a chip from the bottom right and drag on to where you’d like to make your bet. To add corner bets simply hover above the section between the numbers you want to choose and drop it, you’ll know your bet is on correctly as it will stay in place and will state corner bet. If you make a mistake, you can clear the table of all chips at any time. When you’re ready to drop the ball, click on spin and wait to see the ball drop. If you get lucky, or if you think your number is close to a win, you can take advantage of the re-bet feature which automatically puts your chips back where they were and re-spins the wheel, all with a single click!
    So if you feel like some classic roulette on a fast paced but easy table, try out European Roulette at Casino Winner.
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