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    Set on a classic poker table featuring bright purple cloth and a wooden rim, this game is sure to get you all fired up and ready for poker in real life. This game features a bonus bet where you can win multiples of your bet. For example, any Ace on the table will pay 3x multiplier. A pair of Jacks will pay 10x multiplier, and a pair of Kings will pay 20x multiplier. Each bet is broken into two categories: 25% of your bet is ante, and 75% is your bet. The dealer needs a pair of jacks or better to stay in the game. If you beat the dealer’s hand and the dealer does not qualify with a pair of jacks or better, you get the ante back at 1x multiplier, and the bet is a tie. If the dealer’s hand does qualify at jacks or better, you get 1:1 ante, and 1:1 bet in return. When your hand reveals a straight or better, you qualify for more multiplier values. Straight will pay 3x the ante; flush will play 5x the ante; a full house will pay 7x the ante; four of a kind will pay 10x the ante, and straight flush and royal flush will pay 100x and 500x the ante respectively. You’ll receive even more winnings if the dealer’s hand is jacks or better. You can play a bonus bet, and the switch bet during this game. The maximum bet for the bonus is 500 EUR, and the maximum bet for the switch game is also 500 EUR. The dealer announces your winnings, and you have a chance to switch your cards and earn even more. You can collect your winnings and start a new hand. If you love poker, you’ll love this game.
  • This game is licensed by the Alderney Gambling Control Comission (AGCC).
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