• You are playing Crazy Cows for fun

    Play n’ Go presents a fun, farm-themed video slots game called Crazy Cows. The game starts with a short animation and a rooster crowing to get your attention. The game is played on a traditional 3 x 5 reels system and features many special symbols to trigger bonus games. You’ll find cows of all shapes and sizes on this game board, as well as corn, barns, flowers, mud, and more. The big red bull is the wild symbol in Crazy Cows, and it will substitute for all symbols in the game except the scatter and the free spin symbols. When you find 2 or more wild symbols on the game board, you’ll win a cash prize. If you find 2 or more scatter symbols on the reels, you’ll also win a cash prize. For all other symbols, you’ll need to find 3 or more symbols on a qualifying payline to win. There are 15 paylines active in this game, but you can adjust how many lines you want to play at once. Remember, the more lines you play, the more likely you are to win so keep that in mind when you are down on the farm. The game has a pretty relaxed feeling to it until you click the spin button in the bottom right corner of the game screen and then the banjo starts playing loudly and quickly! It really helps get you in the mood to win! If you land on a bonus symbol, the music picks up even more. The bonus symbols, which are the red barns, will reward you with a bonus game in which you need to choose from three cows to perform a high dive - the better the cow performs, the more money you win. There are also multipliers and free spins to be won in the bonus round as well. Check out Crazy Cows for your chance to get rich on the farm today!
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