• You are playing Fruit Blast for fun

    Skillz Gaming presents Fruit Blast, a stacking-style game that sees you clicking matching symbols of 3 or more to remove them from the gameboard. As you remove the matching symbols, more symbols are released in their place.These can create more stacked symbols, and you will win more money. When you match symbols and remove them from the game board, they are tracked at the left of the board. Once you fill a certain meter, you will be rewarded with a multiplier based on your original wager. To start playing this game, choose your wager by clicking the Set Bet button in the bottom right corner. You can only change your bet once you have completed playing a round which can go on for a while if you continue to match 3 or more symbols on the stacks. The minimum wager is .50 credits, and the maximum wager is 50 credits. Once you have chosen your wager, click the play button in the middle of the screen and the symbols will drop to fill the gameboard. You can also collect stars at the end of each round that will help you unlock bonus features. Each symbol represents a multiplier and the more times you fill up the meter associated with the symbol, the higher the multiplier goes. You fill a meter by blasting 7 fruits. Watch for Jackpot symbols to blast multipliers of up to 1000x on your wager and the bonus symbols will activate a bonus game in which you can choose which bartender you want to work with. Each bartender has different features that might appeal to you so be sure to read carefully before choosing your character. As you collect stars, you will level up which will unlock more bartenders and more features to help you win. This unique stacking-style game is sure to please, and you’ll have lots of fun trying to find matching symbols to earn great prizes.
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