• You are playing Joker 8000 for fun

    This super flashy casino game features tons of color and bright lights to keep you coming back for more. The maximum bet for this slot machine style game is 100 credits, and it features three reels and five lines of gameplay. The reels spin quickly and make it easy to transition between plays. What’s more the game looks like a real slot machine with the payouts options listed at the top of the “machine” for easy reference while playing. The main symbols in this game are the crown, bar, watermelon slices, lemons, and cherries. There is also a joker symbol that will prompt a mystery prize if there are two or more jokers present on the game board. The mystery prize is a multiplier value between 20x and 8000x the bet amount. When you get a winning line, the game asks you if you want to collect your winnings or gamble them against a black or red card. If you correctly choose the red or black card, your winnings are doubled. If you choose incorrectly, you simply win the original amount. You can also choose to bet only a portion of your winnings by selecting the “set aside” function. This game features a payout of up to 8000 multiplier amounts. This super game feature will show you additional credits in the top left corner of the screen, and you can continue to play the super game feature until you run out of those credits. Once they are gone, you will be able to return to your regular game play and continue with your regular credits. The super game credits will decrease by 20 credits each time you decide to play the supergame. This cannot be changed. This is a great game because it is easy to play and offers multiple ways to win in an easy to follow structure.
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