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    Brought to you by iSoftbet, Platoon Wild is a military style casino game that features realistic symbols and multiple ways to win. The sound effects in this game are great with helicopters flying overhead, air sirens, the sound of rifles in the distance, and theme music that makes you feel like you are in the movies. Based on the 1986 film, you’ll find memorable characters on the game board of this fast-action game board. Featuring a combination of bar-style play, the symbols feature 1, 2, or 3 bullet “bars” as well as a wild card that can work with other symbols to create more opportunities to win. The wild symbols replace any other symbols on the board, except the free spins and jackpot symbols. If you get 3 or more free spin symbols showing up anywhere on the game board, you will get 8 free spins, plus the spins will yield winnings of 2 times the original bet. If the jackpot symbol appears between 3 - 9 times on the game board, you can win bets from 1x the total bet to 2500x the total bet. If you get 5 or more jackpot symbols showing on the game board, you will get progressive bets instead of fixed multipliers. The game features 20 lines of gameplay, and all winnings are paid out left to right, except for jackpots and free spin symbols which can feature anywhere on the game board. As winning symbols line up, the game increases it theme music, as well shows the lines of any winning combination. As Jackpot symbols appear, the reels start to light up with fire and the intensity of the situation feels like it is growing - just like in the movies. The game is fun to play and offers an autoplay feature, like most casino games online.
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