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    In Swap the Flop you play against the dealer. It is a beautifully executed game with cards which you play in the online casino. Find out who can make the best hand of 5 cards. In the game the common cards are also exchanged. You need to play strategically here for a better hand and more chances to win. Swap the Flop has a payout percentage of 97.97%. Your bet is distributed as 25% ante an 75% bet.

    You play Swap the Flop online, making it easy and fun. You dont require an enormous amount of knowledge in order to play this game. Anyone can learn how to play it. You play this game with one stick, which consists of 52 playing cards. You determine the swap bet first. The side bet and the bonus bet are placed by you. The last two betting options are not required. Swap the Flop is a game which offers two cards like the blackjack table game. The dealer also receives two cards. Subsequently, three cards are dealt. You then have two options; play or swap. It will not surprise you that this is where the name 'swap' comes from. If you choose to swap, then no more bets can be placed. The last two cards are then dealt. There are currently five open cards on the table. It is determined who has the best hand by using the open cards and the two cards the dealer and the player have in hand. Play Swap the Flop at Casino Winner; the casino with flair.
  • This game is licensed by the Alderney Gambling Control Comission (AGCC).
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