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      What kinds of games do you offer?

      Casino Winner offers a wide range of casino games and games of chance. Those games can be divided in Flash games and Live Casino games. We offer all the traditional casino games, like slot machines, video slots, Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and Poker, but you can also find other gambling games, like Horse racing or Bingo.

      In addition, you can also find sports betting at Casino Winner Sport. You can play all casino games for free once you are logged out. Live Casino games can only be played with real money.

      Can I also play casino games for free?

      Yes, you can play all casino games for free, except the Live Casino games. You do not need to register to play for free and you can play an unlimited amount of times. To play for free you receive a fixed amount of free credits per 24 hours. These credits cannot be exchanged for real money.

      Which operating systems do I need in order to play?

      You can play at Casino Winner with every available operating system. The most important requirement is a stable internet connection. Especially if you wish to play Live Casino.

      Do I have to download software in order to be able to play?

      No, you don’t need any additional software to play on your desktop or mobile device. If the games are not automatically loaded on your screen, you only need to download a free flashplayer. All the casino games are in Flash.

      Can I play the casino games with my tablet or smartphone?

      Yes, you can play most of our casino games on our mobile website as well. You can access our online casino with every type of smartphone or tablet.

      Where can I find the rules for the games you offer?

      All the rules can be found via a button underneath or next to each individual game. Look out for the questionmark or i-icon. Click on the icon to read the game explanation and rules.

      What do I have to do to before I can play your games?

      All you have to do to start playing, is click on the game you wish to play. You don’t have to register if you wish to play for free. You can find all the different types of games via the main menu. Live Casino games are the only games that can exclusively be played with real money. If you wish to play with money, you need to create an account and deposit first.

      I am logged in, but cannot play. What should I do?

      Once you have created an account and you are logged in, you can start playing with real money. Make sure there is enough balance in your account. You can deposit via Bank, Credit Cards, Paysafe, Skrill or Neteller. As soon as you have deposited, you can start playing. If you wish to continue playing for free, please log out.

      How can I check that you offer fair games?

      Casino Winner exlusively offers fair games of reliable, established game developers and providers. Our casino website and all games on it are licenced and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) in Malta.

      How can I place a bet to win real money?

      If you want to place a bet with real money, you need to register first and deposit money on your account. After that, you can login and click on the game you want to play. Per bet, you can select the amount of money you want to bet. How to bet on each individual game, is further explained in the help section of each game. You can find this section by clicking on the questionmark or i-icon below or next to the game.

      Do I lose my money if my internet connection is lost after I place my bet?

      No, as soon as you have placed your bet and the bet has been accepted, the result for the upcoming round will be saved. If your internet connection is lost during the playing round, before the result is shown, the round will still be finished. You can find the result of the game as soon as your connection is recovered and you login again. ‘Autoplay’ or ‘Autospin’ will stop automatically if your internet connection is lost. Only active game rounds will be finished.

      Where can I find the rules?

      To read the rules for each individual game, please click on the questionmark or i-icon in each individual game

      Can I use my Casino Welcome bonus also on Casino Winner Sport?

      Once you have activated your Casino Welcome Bonus you can only use it for Casino games. You can still benefit from a Sport Welcome Bonus as well. When you make another deposit, you can activate the Sport Bonus.

      When can I see my total amount of collected Player Points?

      Your total amount of Player Points is updated every 24 hours. You can only collect Player Points when playing Netent games.

      How can I get a bonus?

      You can profit from bonuses whenever there is an active promotion on our site. If you registered an account, you will be informed about these promotions via email. On our Promotions page you can find an overview of all the current promotions and bonuses. You have to activate each available bonus yourself via My Account > Available bonuses, after you make your deposit but before you start playing. Players active in other countries are excluded. Unlawfully acquired bonuses will be revoked.

      What does remaining wagering requirements mean?

      When you are playing a game in the flash casino or when you are in the Casino lobby, you will see an amount in your player status behind 'Total bonus money'. If this amount is not 0, it means that you have received a bonus and that you will have to wager the amount behind 'Total bonus money' in order to release the bonus. For more information, please read our Bonus FAQ page.

      When can I cash out a bonus?

      A bonus can be paid out when it is released. The Casino Welcome bonus for example has to be wagered 15 times before it is released. More information about bonuses and wagering can be found on the Bonus FAQ. The minimum wagering might vary in every promotion.

      Will a bonus expire when I request a withdrawal?

      Any withdrawals made prior to full completion of bonus wagering may result in full forfeit of the bonus as well as any accumulated funds and winnings from the bonus and deposit used to activate the bonus. When you request a withdrawal before completing the bonus, you will be asked to cancel your active bonus first. More information about bonuses and wagering can be found on the Bonus FAQ.