• FAQ

    • Can I use my Sport Welcome Bonus also in the Casino on Casino Winner?

      Once you have activated the Sport Welcome Bonus, you will only be able to use this on Casino Winner Sport. If you want to play at the Casino and you have not claimed your Casino Welcome Bonus yet, make a deposit and activate the Casino Bonus. You will only be able to use that bonus in the Casino.

      What is the minimum bet?

      The minimum bet at Casino Winner is: €0.10.

      Which currencies can I bet in?

      At Casino Winner it is only possible to bet in euro.

      Can I let someone else bet with my account?

      For the protection of your account, you should not reveal your Client ID number or password to any other person. Clients must register their bet requests as individuals.

      Repeated requests containing the same selections from the same or different clients may be subsequently deemed void. And even after the official outcome of the related selections is already known, bet selections may also be deemed void if Casino Winner believes that clients are acting in collusion or as a syndicate, or the bets in question have been placed by one or some clients within a short period of time.

      Who can place bets?

      Only individuals who are not involved in any way in the events on which they want to bet, can place their bets at Casino Winner Sport.

      Bets by order and from bookmakers as well as betting agents are not accepted. Bets on events in which the user is participating in the sport event (e.g. as a participating sportsman, an owner, trainer or functionary of a participating club) are not permitted.

      In case this provision is not complied with, the company is authorised to refuse payment of any winnings, and to cancel the bet.

      Are the odds fixed?

      When your bet has been approved the odds stated at the time will remain valid. However odds do fluctuate and may increase or decrease based on a number of factors, including news or a high volume of betting on a particular match.

      Is there a limit to how much I can win?

      The maximum winning per customer is €100,000 on each bet, and a maximum of €250,000 per day. The maximum winning per customer per week is €500,000.

      What is a Free Bet?

      A Free Bet gives you the opportunity to place a bet at our expense. You don't need any real money in your account. If you lose the bet, the stake of the Free Bet will not be refunded to your account. If you win the bet, the net winnings will be added to your balance. The net winnings need to be wagered 6 (six) times on odds of minimum 1.8.

      To use the Free Bet, just tick the box under your betslip which states 'Free Bet Offer'.

      What is a Risk Free Bet?

      With a Risk Free Bet you can't lose money on the bet. You'll place a bet with your own funds. If your bet wins, you have to wager the net winnings of this bet 6 (six) times on minimum odds of 1.8. If you lose the bet we'll refund your stake with real money in you account, no further wagering needed. So no matter the outcome of the bet, you can allways withdraw the initial stake once your bet is settled.

      To claim the Risk Free Bet, just tick the box under the betslip which states 'Risk Free Bet Offer'.

      Where can I find Rules for the Sportsbook?

      Click here to read the Rules for the Sportsbook.

      What is sports betting?

      Sports betting is the activity of predicting sports results and placing a wager/bet on the outcome.

      Apart from placing bets on sports, we offer a large variety of different events to bet on, for example, television shows or presidential elections.

      What kind of bets can I place?

      Single – A bet containing only one betting object.

      Combi/Multiple/Combo/Combination/Accumulator – Bets containing several objects with all the odds multiplied between each other. All objects involved are required to win for the bet to be a winner (e.g. Doubles, Trebles, 4folds, etc.).

      System – A system of several bets built on multiple combinations out of the objects picked for the system. In a system bet it is not required that all objects win in order to collect the winnings.

      What is a single bet?

      By placing a single bet you predict the outcome of one single event/match in one bet slip. It is possible to place up to 20 different single bets on a coupon. The stake for every single event/match needs to be separately entered for each game in the case of wanting your bets counted as singles.

      What is a combined bet?

      A combined bet is possible when selecting more than one match to bet on. Every selection on the bet slip will have to be correct in order to receive any winnings. The maximum number of matches/events that can be combined on a combined bet slip is 20. The customer only selects one stake for the entire bet slip and the odds will be then multiplied.

      What is a system bet?

      A system bet is available when selecting at least three different events/matches to bet on. The number of possible system bets depends on the number of predicted outcomes. The main difference between a system bet and a combined bet is that you can win part of your bet even if you do not have all the outcomes correct.

      In case you want to place only singles within one bet slip, you may also choose 2 or more selections, click on "Single" and modify the stakes according to your preference.

      How do I place a bet?

      It’s simple really. Make sure you’re logged in to your Casino Winner account and then take a look through all our possible bets (the Sport or Live Betting tabs at the top menu bar of the home page according to your own choice).

      Once you’ve found your bet, click on it and it will be added to your betting slip. Then, simply select how much money you’d like to place on the bet and select "Place Bet".

      What is live betting?

      This is the activity of predicting sports results and placing bets on the outcome of live events. In this case, the bets become available only a minute after the game starts. Comparing to pre-match betting, there is always a small 5/10 seconds delay of live bets to safeguard the product from transmission delays and big/sudden impacts during the game.

      What is the delay of the sports live betting stream?

      The delay, on average, is +/- 3 seconds, although occasionally it might be longer. The speed of your broadband may affect the length of the delay.

      We do not acknowledge or accept any liability if the scoreboard or live score update is delayed or incorrect. It is your responsibility to be informed of the score.

      Why can I not view the live streaming?

      The live stream is available for Casino Winner customers who are logged in and they have at least the minimum stake of €0.10 (or the equivalent amount in another currency) available on their account.

      If you are still not able to use the live streaming, kindly note that due to legal rights we are not permitted at times to livestream certain events for some countries.

      Where can I see the games/events starting soon?

      If you click in "Sportsbook" you will be able to have an overview of the events already started. You will have to click then on the Starting soon tab and a list of all the upcoming events will be displayed in order.

      You can even choose which events to see on different sports by clicking on the drop menu above that list.

      What is an underdog?

      The underdog, whether it is a team or a player, is always the one least favourite to win a particular game or event. In this case, it will always have higher odds offered than its opponent, as it is the less likely to win that game or event.