• Responsible Gaming

      At Casino Winner we strive to provide a safe and secure environment for online casino entertainment.

      Casino Winner is a gaming platform with a special product, where you as a player can go to play games of chance for real money in a safe and responsible way. To optimize the welfare of our players, responsible gaming is an integral and essential part of our customer service policy.

      Of course there are risks associated with playing games of chance, which is why the legal minimum age for participation is 18 years. When you are legally allowed to participate in games of chance, you need to be informed beforehand about the possible addictiveness of games of chance.

      Casino Winner sees it as its social duty to protect you as a player as much as possible from problematic gambling behavior or gambling addiction.

      To start with, you are not obliged to play for real money at Casino Winner. Our flash games can also be played for free, so you will not have any risk of losing money. All games can be played for free without limitation, apart from the games in our live casino. We also offer you opportunities to take control of your gambling behavior when you discover you suffer from problematic or compulsive gambling behavior. These are:

      1. At Casino Winner a player can set his own limits to the maximum amount he wants to bet in a certain period. When the limit is set, it can only be removed after the player contacts the Casino Winner management and has confirmed the removal by email. In order to request limits, you can contact our customer service
      2. Before previously set limits are raised, limitations are removed, or the casino account is unblocked at the request of a player, a “cooling down” period of seven days will be taken into account. Requests to lower the limit or to extend the blocking period will come into effect immediately.
      3. A player can also request a limit to the maximum amount that can be lost in a certain period.
      4. A player can also lock his account for a definite or indefinite time, if he no longer wishes to play at the casino.

      To strengthen our intentions, our back office offers effective measures to signal problem players and to alert them to their gaming behavior.

      Casino Winner is alert to the symptoms of problematic gaming and will try to prevent this where possible. When problematic cases are identified, a player will be approached and informed of the possibilities we offer to prevent impermissible and problematic gambling behaviour as a casino.

      Important guidelines for players

      To protect yourself as much as possible, we advise you to take notice of the following guidelines:

      1. Set a budget for yourself before you start playing, and stick to it.
      2. Never play under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other narcotics.
      3. Never play for distraction, for example to forget your problems.
      4. Never play with the intention to win money back you lost earlier.

      In short: enjoy, but play in moderation.

      Important information sources for gambling addiction

      In case you suspect you have a gambling problem, you can gather further information on the internet to get rid of your addiction. If you want to test if you are a problematic player or when you need help, you can visit these websites.